'Are you Safe' Ad for HIV Awareness

I wrote and directed this 'Are you Safe' ad for FOX8 and The Aids Trust of Australia - encouraging safe sex to stop the spread of HIV. Our focus was to address the apathy toward the risks of unprotected sex - especially in at risk youth. The spot is deliberately relaxed in it's portrayal of the morning after scene as two people bring up excuses for not using protection. The end type suddenly shifts the meaning of the scene by raising the risks of HIV. The spot is ambiguous about whether or not either of the people were infected - to show that anyone who doesn't use protection is taking a risk. The spot successfully ran on FOX8 and was picked up across all Foxtel operated channels. FOX8 Creative Director: Nicholas Peel & Travis Conneeley. Writer/ Director : Prema Weir. Producers: Nicola Slack & Sophie Theillon. DOP: Tony Lu. Set designer: Leo Nguyen. Grade: FOX8 Creative. Actors: Sunny Burns & Elizabeth Wiltshire. * project featured by behance - advertising served. * 2013 Promax BDA World Highly Commended: PSA - ‘HIV Awareness’ for the Aids Trust of Australia. * 2012 Promax BDA ANZ 3rd: PSA - ‘HIV Awareness’ for the Aids Trust of Australia.

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