I designed and animated the opening title sequence for 'Bloom' while at Slate VFX for Playmaker. It was a beautiful job to work on creating the style of a dark fairytale in a distinctively Australian style.  The palette is inspired by Australian artists Sidney Nolan and Russel Drysdale. The look evokes the Australian landscape with warm rust colours and scattered silver gumtrees. Rough watercolour strokes and a simple
illustration style are used to create a magical and naive storybook feel. All of the typography and backgrounds are hand-painted frame by frame to create the flickering style. Each scene is a vignette  of characters during the flood that is at the heart of the magical Bloom story.

Promax ANZ GOLD: Best Title Design Award 2019.

Playmaker Media for Stan Originals and Sony
Playmaker Media Producer: Sue Seeary
Studio: Slate VFX
Slate VFX Producer: Prue Fletcher
Title Designer: Prema Weir
Head of 3d: Juri Mejan-Fripp
Lead Compositor: Bryn Farrelly
Animators: Prema Weir, Michael Norback, Gerhard Mozsi, Benjamin Pettit, Tim Strain.
Bloom Series Director: John Curran
Bloom Series Creator: Glen Dolman

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