Elemental Music Video for Willow Beats

Music Video directed / created in collaboration with Willow Beats. The artists Narayan and Kalyani are rainforest raised so we had some fun with nature magic, mushrooms, and the ethereal sounds of 'Elemental'. Shot in the beautiful Somersby Falls National Park, Australia by DOP Adam Howden. Press/ Music Blogs: musicfeeds.com.au/news/premiere-willow-beats-take-you-to-another-world-in-elemental-video/ purplesneakers.com.au/2013/06/watch-willow-beats-elemental/ stoneyroads.com/rising-stars-willow-beats-share-debut-video/ dancemusicnw.com/feature-willow-beats/ theripe.tv/video-willow-beats-elemental/

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