Working with AGB events and the beautiful works by 7 artists I created an animation of each artwork for projection onto sand at the Parrtjima Festival in Alice Springs.

I carefully built up each artwork animation from individually painted and shifting dots and strokes, and used particle systems to give the animating artworks a sense of evolution and fluidity. Each artwork was also able to transition to the still artwork so that viewers could enjoy the original work.
Solo work 3 weeks to complete 5 minutes. Artwork edit for projection was done by Giles Westley at AGB Events.

Featured Artists:
Sharon Alice
Marina Pumani Brown - Ngayuku Ngura Kuwari
Anne Dixon - Waru at Wataru
Hannah Nungarrayi - When the Desert Blossoms
Serena Hayes - Keringke
Annette Nungala - Dinosaurs in Epinarra
Roseanna Larry - Warliyajarrayi

Animation: Prema Weir
Art Director / Edit: Giles Westley

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